We are happy to share with all of you the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dispersal Operations. This achievement represents many years of tireless work in the fight against Screwworms and we are proud to be able to celebrate it with each of you.

Since its inception, these strategic facilities have been in operation 24/7, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of communities affected by New World Screwworm (NWS). Throughout all these years, they have worked hard to disperse quality sterile flies, thus contributing in the different stages of the program to eradicate and control this pest.

We want to express our most sincere gratitude to each of our collaborators for their commitment and constant effort in these operations. The passion and professionalism provided have been essential to achieve many objectives.

Looking toward the future, we are convinced that we will remain focused on the commitment to continue working with the same dedication and enthusiasm to face the challenges that arise. We are proud to know that we have a team of excellence, willing to continue developing with new strategies and technologies to further improve our dispersion operations and guarantee effective control of NWS.

In these 25 years, we have learned a lot and have overcome numerous obstacles. Every day we have strengthened as a team and as an organization. Today, we can proudly say that our Dispersal Operations are a benchmark in the fight against worms.

Congratulations to everyone on twenty-five years of success in Dispersal Operations!