A delegation made up of five professionals from the technical team of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay, visited COPEG facilities this September. The main objective of this mission was to acquire information about and experience from the response that #TeamCOPEG is conducting to control the increase in cases that currently exist in several provinces.

In addition, advice was provided on the administrative steps and the assembly of the sterile fly dispersal center, which will be supplied from COPEG Production Plant for collaboration with the Control Program that is about to begin in that country. As scheduled, the sanitation will begin on the southern side of Uruguay and will be divided into four zones. The process will take over a year to free them of the pest followed by a a maintenance phase

We are pleased to support our Uruguayan colleagues with our collaborative expertise in the Screwworm control program that will be of great benefit to the agricultural sector in that region. We will continue to work together to achieve the objectives set and strengthen the relationship between both organizations.