Dr. Enrique Samudio, General Director for Panama, had the honor of representing #TeamCOPEG at the 10th National Pork Congress, an event focused on improving pork production in Panama and keeping the country free of Classical Swine Fever for 60 years. The conference was held in Santiago de Veraguas and was organized by the National Association of Pig Farmers of Panama (ANAPOR).

During his speech, Dr. Samudio spoke about the Screwworm and the actions that are being implemented to address this problem. His outstanding participation in the congress reflects #TeamCOPEG's commitment to the development and improvement of the agricultural sector in Panama.

The event included the presence of important figures such as Augusto Valderrama, Minister of Agricultural Development; Carlos Salcedo Zaldivar, Minister Counselor of Agricultural Affairs; Wei Qiang, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China; Carlos Pitty, President of ANAPOR; Yill Otero, Vice Minister of Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; as well as representatives of the State Agri-Food Policy Monitoring Council (PADE), producer organizations and companies and institutions of the agricultural sector of Panama.

#TeamCOPEG pavilion stood out among those present, with a tour of the stands that left a positive impression on attendees. In addition to the exhibitions, two lectures were held on the Economic Effect of African Swine Fever in the Dominican Republic and Strategies for Sustainability.

The active participation of #TeamCOPEG in this congress demonstrates its commitment to the pork industry in Panama and its constant search for solutions to guarantee a prosperous and disease-free future in the sector.